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How to prepare Emotionally

How to prepare Emotionally

Undoubtedly, most vendors have a strong bond with their home; detachment is the best way to move forward.

The best advice is to say goodbye to the house and begin to look at it as a ‘product’ early in the journey. Doing market research and keeping an open mind are also crucial.

If there are no surprises then that obviously takes the emotion out of it, Keep it factual, look at comparable sales. Try and focus on presentation of the house or apartment, and of course, where you are going to look for another home.”

Here are 10 tips on how to keep emotions in check when selling

  1. Focus on your house as a product not a sentimental asset
  2. Do your research to ensure you price it correctly and understand the market trends
  3. Say goodbye as you prepare your house for sale and make sure you are proud of what you are putting on the market
  4. Stage your home with impersonal items so it begins to feel less like home
  5. Make sure you are ready before bringing in the agent or listing the property yourself
  6. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes, imagine how happy the next family will be in a home you helped create
  7. Know what the market is doing and be realistic about your selling timeframe
  8. When possible get all other owners on-board before you begin the process
  9. Avoid being in the house when prospective buyers visit. If hearing about prospective buyers makes you upset ask your agent to keep details to a minimum
  10. Focus on your next home and think about the benefits of the new property and highlights of the location.


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